What is One Time Password (OTP)?

What is One Time Password (OTP)?

What is One Time Password (OTP)?

In this today’s blog post we will share what is a one-time password (OTP) if you don’t know what is OTP then you should read this blog completely.

As in today’s technology world, all works are done through Mobile, Laptop, Computer just like you do shopping from an eCommerce store, recharge your phone, transfer money from one account to another account. So in this digital world security plays a very vital role to maintain our all data safe and secure so that unknown people can not know our personal data.

When any online transaction is done using net banking to buy any goods and service, your ask to fill in some details, and afterward one code comes on your registered phone number i.e. is the code which we called as One Time Password (OTP) and you should never share this OTP code with anyone.

As everyone might be aware of the word OTP, but you might not know why OTP is used? So today in this blog we will understand What is One Time Password (OTP)

What is One Time Password (OTP)?

What is my OTP code | What is One Time Password or OTP?

One Time Password (OTP) is a security code which we use to login on any particular platform when doing online transactions.

Whenever you do online shopping from any e-commerce website, then we pay it from online methods like ATM card or Net banking at that movement we fill our banking details to make payment successfully, after filling in all details one security code is sent to your registered mobile number with the bank through SMS i.e. is the code we called as One Time Password (OTP).

You need to enter this OTP code on that particular e-commerce website to make your payment successful. without this OTP Code you will not be able to do transactions anywhere online.

Why do we use OTP?

One Time Password (OTP) is completely safer than another normal password that we create while creating accounts on any website, as we generate our unique username and password, As when we create normal password which is very simple like our birth of date, our name so that we can easily remember later on but its very easy for hacker to hack our password and get all our personal details.

Or it could also be that if someone knows your identity and your username and password, then he can also use your account to raise the wrong returns, so nowadays all banks, all e-commerce websites And online recharge websites have started using OTP so that their users’ account can be protected.

So this is the importance of OTP which keeps your account safe and protected from hackers so that your banking and personal details couldn’t be get stolen.

What is the importance of OTP?

There is lots of benefits of OTP which help us to protect our accounts like Google, net banking, banking accounts, applications and many more.

The OTP is a code which is send on the users via SMS, email, push notification and this OTP is only valid of short period of time for security purpose. The main purpose of having OTP process is to add and extra layer of protection to your accounts so that hackers can not hack your accounts.

Even if the username and password of any of your accounts is known by someone else, still no one can access your account until it does not get verify by OTP code. Most important this OTP code will receive on registered phone number or registered email address, due to this no one access your accounts easily.

What is the use of OTP?

OTP is most commonly used for online transactions in net banking, in addition to this, Google has also started using OTP security to make users’ accounts more secure and safe from hackers.

After activating OTP process, no other user can login from his device by entering details of your account because Google will ask for OTP password for verification, which will only come to you via sms, emails, push notification on your registered phone number only.

Without this OTP code, no other user will not be able to access your account. Nowadays all e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. and other online private companies that provide digital wallet services like Paytm, Freecharge, mobikwik, oxigen wallet etc. are also using OTP service to keep their customers account safe and secure.

One Time Password (OTP) FAQ’s

Is it safe to share OTP?

No you should not share your OTP Code with anyone

What is the full form of OTP?

One-time password

What does mean OTP code?

OTP is a 6 digit numerical code send on your SMS to your registered mobile number while performing the transaction

What is a valid OTP?

one-time password (OTP), also known as one-time PIN or unique password, which valid for only one login session or transaction on your device.


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