Java project topics list 2021

Java project topics list 2021

Java project topics list 2021

As we know that Java is one of the most demanded and popular programming languages for everyone who wants to make a career in the programming field. Java has multi-platform support and independence as Java is the staple programming language of the software sector and IT industry.

During placement time or hiring, company always looks for good skilled Java Developers who can work on real time Java projects.

Java project topics list

1) Airline reservation system
2) Course management system
3) Data visualization software
4) Electricity billing system
5) e-Healthcare management system
6) Email client software
7) Library management system
8) Network packet sniffer
9) Online bank management system
10) Online medical management system
11) Online quiz management system
12) Online Survey System
13) RSS feed reader
14) Smart city project
15) Stock management system
16) Supply chain management system
17) Virtual private network
18) School Management System
19) Water Supply Management System
20) Stadium Seat Booking System
21) Temperature Converter Tool
22) Percentage calculator
23) Clinic Management System
24) Hospital Management System
25) Catering Management System

In this blog, we have shared few java projects that you could try out! If you find this article ‘Java project topics list 2021‘ helpful then you can share with your friends.


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