Instagram is working on a vertical feed for Stories

Instagram is working on a vertical feed for Stories

Instagram is planning to roll out a Vertical Stories feed soon. A few days ago Instagram rolled out a new layout for Stories for the web users. Instagram is thinking to make Stories look a lot like TikTok. The new layout can make users easy to swipe Stories Vertically rather than swiping left and right.

The feature was initially seen by tipster Alexandra Paluzzi. From the screenshot shared with Paluzzi, it is possible to observe a brief intro provided by Instagram about its own Vertical Stories feed. The pop-up reads, “Swipe up and down to navigate stories”.

The company spokesperson told TechCrunch that they are working on the feature but right now it’s not available for public usage “This was an early prototype and they are not currently testing on Instagram

As we know that Instagram has confirmed working on the features but they haven’t revealed when the feature will be rolled out for the public. Whenever this feature will roll out in-app it will look a lot like TikTok. Instagram might also work on Videos over photos if the vertical stories feed are rolled out. The content that goes on Instagram like Reels and Stories separately will be easily unified once the feature is available to the public.

Earlier in an interview with The Verge, Instagram head Adam Mosseri had said that he is not happy with Reels. “I’m not yet happy with it. We’re growing both in terms of how much people are sharing and how much people are consuming, but we have a long way to go. And we have to be honest that TikTok is ahead,” he said.

“I think we have to get better at building more powerful and creative tools that aren’t necessarily a meme or a sort of moment in a package but give people who are more creative than us and make content for a living the ability to make something that’s going to pop,” Mosseri added.

Mosseri also went on to add that most people do not know the difference between videos posted on Instagram and IGTV. For the unversed, videos uploaded to IGTV are longer than the videos that are uploaded on Insta feed. “That’s probably too nuanced a distinction to resonate with anybody, so we’re looking about how we can — not just with IGTV, but across all of Instagram — simplify and consolidate ideas, because last year we placed a lot of new bets,” he says. “I think this year we have to go back to our focus on simplicity and craft,” he had told the Verge.


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