[Best Guide] How To Start a Business In Dubai 2021


How To Start a Business In Dubai 2021: Today in this blog we will see how to start a business in Dubai 2021. During this pandemic, everyone is searching on google how to start a business in Dubai so we have done our research, and today we will share with you that how you can start a business with complete paperwork and legal process.

Today we will share the process for starting a business in Dubai, which involves a few steps which you have to follow and all the processes can get completed in a very short span of time just follow all steps carefully.

How To Start a Business In Dubai 2021 | How to start a business in Dubai free zone
How To Start a Business In Dubai 2021 | How to start a business in Dubai free zone

Starting a business in dubai as a foreigner | How to start a business in Dubai free zone

Define Type of Business Activity

As from heading you can understand that you have to define the nature of your business means what kind of business you are going to do. Once you are clear with your business activity then you can move further for the procedure of required license and approvals to start a business in Dubai. Your business nature could be Industrial, commercial, professional, where you will require a license to begin your business.

As we know that there are different ‘Free Zones’ in Dubai and you will require to select a zone according to your business nature so that it can offer you maximum amenities for your business. So having a proper understanding of your business is very important.

Choose Your Trade Name

There are certain terms and conditions before choosing your business name in Dubai. Your company name should not include any God name or divine attribute.

Your company name should be relevant to your business nature. Your company name should not start with “Global” or “International” or “Middle East”.

You can’t choose your business name which are used by global or local companies For eg. Burger King, Mercedes-Benz.

Finalise the incorporation paper work

Once you have decided your company name and activity then you need to start your further paperwork process where you will require to provide copies of shareholder’s passports and many other documents depending upon free zones.

In Dubai there are different Free zones and their requirements are also different. So I suggest you check the official website of the free zone for complete details. Official website of Dubai free zone www.dafz.ae/en/

License Notification

After completing your incorporation paperwork Dubai government will notify you when and where your business license will be issued.

Opening Bank Account

Once your all documents and application has processed then next step is to create bank account for your business so that you can make your business transaction.

In Dubai, there are lots of well-known banks where you can open your bank account. you can choose the bank between Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Citibank, Emirates NBD depending upon your choice.


Next final step is processing a visa to start a business in Dubai. You can get a visa for yourself or staff, partners. The process of visa can be in this four-stage.

  • Entry permit
  • Status adjustment
  • Medical fitness test
  • Emirates ID registration
  • Visa stamping

Once you complete this process you can start your business in Dubai.

What are the costs of setting up a business?

To start any business in any country you require the cost of registering a business in Dubai This includes statutory fees which have to pay to the government before starting a business. Even you require cost for other documentation.

Thus fees are not the same all the time it keeps on changing from time to time so it’s better to check the official website of the Dubai government or the Free zone website before registering.


In this blog, we have discussed How To Start a Business In Dubai 2021 if you find this helpful please share it with your friends. If you have any query you can comment down below or you can contact us.


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