Coronavirus vaccination drive based on ‘election process planned to booth level’,96,000 vaccinators trained

Coronavirus vaccination drive based on 'election process planned to booth level',96,000 vaccinators trained

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Sunday said that the coronavirus vaccination drive in India will be similar to the election process planned down to the booth level.

The Union Health Minister tweeted that more than 57,000 participants across 719 districts have completed training for coronavirus vaccination drive, noting that “96,000 vaccinators have been trained so far”.

Vardhan’s statement comes a day after he inspected coronavirus vaccination dry run in Delhi and said that vaccines will be provided for free to most prioritized beneficiaries in the first phase.

The Union Health Minister also warned the citizens against false rumors and disinformation campaigns regarding the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine and don’t believe the rumors spread on social media which are leading to doubts in the mind of the citizens regarding the side-effects of the vaccine.

“I appeal to people not to pay heed to rumours. Ensuring the safety and efficacy of the vaccine is our priority. Different kinds of rumours were spread during polio immunisation but people took the vaccine and India is now polio-free,” he said.

On ensuring that the vaccine reaches the remotest corner, Vardhan said the country’s cold chain infrastructure had been sufficiently upgraded to ensure last-mile delivery, and adequate supplies of syringes and other logistics had also been provided for.

Vardhan also said that the entire exercise of the vaccination process, including training of personnel, was being systematically taken forward.

The vaccination process, including all training of personnel, was taken systematically forward, said Vardhan

“Detailed guidelines have been issued to multiple stakeholders after extensive deliberations, paying attention to each and every minute aspect,” he said.

He appreciated the tireless efforts being made by multiple stakeholders, including the central and state government officials who have worked proactively in the last few months to ensure the success of this humongous operation.

He said the digital platform, Co-WIN, was the real game changer and would provide real-time information of vaccine stocks, their storage temperature and individualised tracking of beneficiaries of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This unique platform will assist in automated session allocation for pre-registered beneficiaries, their verification, and for generating a digital certificate upon successful completion of the vaccine schedule, he said.


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