Amazon India has added ‘Featured Articles’ section to its shopping app


Amazon India Featured Article: Amazon has introduced a new feature on its app, but let me tell you that it is not related to any shopping feature.

Amazon India has added 'Featured Articles' section to its shopping app

As we know that previously Amazon has added lots of features in the app, like a free video platform, mini TV. But now Amazon is looking to add a new feature i.e., a Featured article section. This new feature will help all readers to read any article under 5 minutes.

This Featured Article section you will get on the Amazon website and the Mobile app. You can browse articles in various categories such as entertainment, politics and governance, sports, business and finance, society and lifestyle, books, food, fiction, current affairs, travel, and auto.

Amazon has sourced the article from multiple publishers Outlook, Westland, India Today, Harper Collins, Hatchet India, The Caravan, and Evo India. It also contains articles from Prime Video.

The report quotes an Amazon spokesperson, “We remain focussed on creating new and engaging experiences for our customers, and as part of this endeavour, we have been testing a new service that brings articles on different topics like current affairs, books, business, entertainment, sports and lifestyle amongst others for readers.”

In this Featured Articles section, you get an option to bookmark and share articles on other different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Email with share buttons. If you want to reread the article, then you can easily access your bookmarked articles.


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